5 Self Care Practices To Change Your Outlook On Life

In honour of #mentalhealthawarenessweek, I would like to encourage all to educate themselves, like I have been doing, on various different mental health issues and stigmas. From everything I have learnt, I would now like to give back in a more practical way. So, today, I am offering 5 self-care practices that can help youContinue reading “5 Self Care Practices To Change Your Outlook On Life”

Synergy: How to create powerful relationships through self-analysis.

What is synergy? In a posh definition synergy is best expressed as ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. If you like even simpler terms it would be best summed up as: 1+1= 3 (or more) Wait what… Imagine you are Person A who is an adventurous, imaginative and creative person. ImagineContinue reading “Synergy: How to create powerful relationships through self-analysis.”

How to Gain and Maintain Motivation

To start this article on a slightly existential crisis note: you are the collected curation of past decisions and habits. Okay, that does not sound very light-hearted for my blogs – don’t worry it’ll be more relaxed from now. But… There is a point to that. What you have done in the past has impactedContinue reading “How to Gain and Maintain Motivation”

How Can We Be Totally Self-Satisfied?

This is an overwhelming question that has been on my mind a lot recently, especially due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Also, philosophical overthinking is just a strong point of mine – as many of you are aware. But really this current climate has really made me re-evaluate the idea of being satisfied -especially self-satisfied. InContinue reading “How Can We Be Totally Self-Satisfied?”