Is It Possible To Be Rid Of Hierarchies?

Recently, I’ve spent A LOT of time thinking, processing and trying to understand what I believe in: double questioning intentions, indoctrination and facts that are facts ‘just because’. However, only recently have I been struck with the biggest mind-boggle: social hierarchy. As soon as we are 5 years old, we are put into the educationContinue reading “Is It Possible To Be Rid Of Hierarchies?”

5 Tips in Becoming More Resilient

One thing that I believe separates the ordinary from the extraordinary is the ability to be resilient. If you’re unaware of what resilience is: think grit, determination and perseverance. We’ve all demonstrated resilience at some points: from learning how to talk and walk; to sitting exams; to getting through lockdown. As you can see, allContinue reading “5 Tips in Becoming More Resilient”

5 Self Care Practices To Change Your Outlook On Life

In honour of #mentalhealthawarenessweek, I would like to encourage all to educate themselves, like I have been doing, on various different mental health issues and stigmas. From everything I have learnt, I would now like to give back in a more practical way. So, today, I am offering 5 self-care practices that can help youContinue reading “5 Self Care Practices To Change Your Outlook On Life”

Synergy: How to create powerful relationships through self-analysis.

What is synergy? In a posh definition synergy is best expressed as ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. If you like even simpler terms it would be best summed up as: 1+1= 3 (or more) Wait what… Imagine you are Person A who is an adventurous, imaginative and creative person. ImagineContinue reading “Synergy: How to create powerful relationships through self-analysis.”

4 Steps on How To Repurpose Negative Thinking

In my mid-teens I put myself down every chance I got. Constant belittlements or feelings of self-doubt prevented me from being me.  Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect and never think negatively about myself – however, I have tactics on how to manage, control and repurpose these thoughts. Right now, many of us are strugglingContinue reading “4 Steps on How To Repurpose Negative Thinking”

How to Gain and Maintain Motivation

To start this article on a slightly existential crisis note: you are the collected curation of past decisions and habits. Okay, that does not sound very light-hearted for my blogs – don’t worry it’ll be more relaxed from now. But… There is a point to that. What you have done in the past has impactedContinue reading “How to Gain and Maintain Motivation”

How Can We Be Totally Self-Satisfied?

This is an overwhelming question that has been on my mind a lot recently, especially due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Also, philosophical overthinking is just a strong point of mine – as many of you are aware. But really this current climate has really made me re-evaluate the idea of being satisfied -especially self-satisfied. InContinue reading “How Can We Be Totally Self-Satisfied?”

How to Debate: The Three Fucks

How to debate: ‘the three fucks’ Yes guys, I know it’s ironic me doing an article on this. Yes, I have really written this. But your girl has learnt many a-things and feel like it’s time for me to share my insightful and obvious scientific knowledge. I’ve broken it down into the three steps ofContinue reading “How to Debate: The Three Fucks”

Stress from a Perfectionist’s Perspective

This article, unlike others, is going to be focused more on the mindset behind stress rather than an endless list of what to do to overcome it because being honest is how we own our emotions and progress. As this is my first blog post, I decided to write about something I’m currently feeling. I’mContinue reading “Stress from a Perfectionist’s Perspective”