Empower-Me’s aim: letting you create a relationship with yourself: focusing on the mindset towards growth and perspective.

After struggling a lot from anxiety, deep self-acceptance and frustration – I want to share with you a journey of self-love and acceptance.

I have become empowered through friends, family and the appreciation and lessons I have learnt. The key ones:

  1. Be authentically you
  2. Realise that education is power

I want to make lives easier and create a safe space where all feelings are welcomed. We deal with the fuckeries of life together ❤

So, sit back and have fun

  1. Reading my opinions
  2. Have a giggle
  3. Learning more about perspectives and understanding
Disclaimer: These light-hearted articles are here to help and provide information to like-minded people. It’s a fun and insightful way of connecting mind and emphasising self-love. There may be controversial opinions and topics but that is the nature of my blogs- to allow thought and conversations! Any information/statistics are to the best of my knowledge: if you see something wildly incorrect – let me know! I hope if you take on my advice that it works out (and let me know if it does or what you did to adapt) but it is your own decision to take my advice as I am not professionally trained (but maybe in the future I will be!) I do reserve the rights to be able to run, manage and change the content as according to my vision.